Crypto exchange online

Our service helps to make any exchange safely and quickly.

Crypto exchange online

Our service helps to make any exchange safely and quickly.

Our service helps to exchange safely and quickly.

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    100% translation guarantee. The reliability of our service is confirmed by numerous reviews.
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    We do not store or share your personal information with third parties.
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    Polite technical support around the clock ready to help you on any matter.
  • Tether TRC20

    1190141 USDT

  • SEPA Regular

    667139 EUR


    521733 EUR

  • Visa/MasterCard

    245390 EUR

  • SEPA Regular / Zen

    110422 EUR

  • Ripple

    45311 XRP

  • Visa/MasterCard

    7629 USD

  • Stellar

    1324 XLM

  • Litecoin

    1000 LTC

  • Ethereum

    100 ETH

  • Bitcoin Cash

    100 BCH

  • Bitcoin

    0.9365 BTC

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    Welcome to the Aura Legal website!

    Using our service, you can exchange cryptocurrency in Europe at a favorable rate. The most popular service among our clients is the purchase and sale of USDT for euros.

    What makes crypto exchange stand out?

    • Our licensed operations ensure your safety and security;
    • Competitive rates and minimal commission charges;
    • We offer a wide variety of payment options, including Sepa Instant, Sepa Regular, IBAN, Visa/Mastercard, and Zen credit card;
    • An easy-to-use cryptocurrency calculator for your convenience;
    • A straightforward and speedy exchange process;
    • Ensured transaction security through mandatory KYC verification;
    • Get in touch with an online consultant through the website's chat or via email;

    As cryptocurrencies continue to integrate deeper into the global economy and business operations each year, the number of companies accepting payments and conducting transactions in Bitcoin and USDT is steadily increasing.

    Analysts anticipate that this trend will persist, as national currencies possess an inherent flaw that cannot be rectified—they are subject to control by governments that wield the power to print money at their discretion. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies are built upon mathematical algorithms that are resistant to external manipulation.

    Reasons to consider investing in cryptocurrency:

    1. The potential for substantial profits. In 2017, for instance, the price of Bitcoin surged by 1000% within a span of six months. It's essential to recognize though that higher profits often come with higher risks.
    2. Low entry barriers: Some cryptocurrencies can be acquired even with a modest budget.
    3. You have complete control: Your assets will be managed solely by you and stored in your digital wallet.
    4. Transaction speed: Buying Bitcoin or USDT can be done in just a few hours or even minutes, compared to the often-lengthy processing times of bank transfers.

    Purchasing and selling cryptocurrency on Aura Legal provides a swift and secure online platform for cryptocurrency exchange.

    Below are the basic steps you should follow:

    1. Create an account on the site; you can register quickly using a Google account.
    2. Undergo KYC verification in your personal account..
    3. Choose the currency you wish to trade and the currency you want to receive.
    4. Input the amount you're offering or the amount you wish to receive - the service will automatically adjust the corresponding amount based on the current exchange rate.
    5. Click the "Exchange" button and follow the prompts given by the system.
    6. Once the exchange is successful, remember to provide feedback.

    Since 2022, our project has evolved, consistently enhancing functionality and design for a better user experience. We know it's crucial to stay on top of things in the crypto business, so we're dedicated to keeping our web service as relevant as possible.

    We aim to be a trusted partner for thousands of European residents seeking a top-notch licensed service for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

    Join our large and friendly Aura Legal family. Your feedback, suggestions, and constructive criticism are always welcome.

    We handle the following major cryptocurrencies:

    • Bitcoin (BTC). the pioneering cryptocurrency in history, remains the most popular choice to date.

    • Tether (USD₮). The creators assure that this cryptocurrency is backed by reserves of US dollars, making it one of the most reliable and secure options available.

    • Ethereum (ETH). Upon its creation, this cryptocurrency quickly captured the interest of the world's largest IT companies, utilizing Ether for what are known as "smart" contracts.

    • Litecoin (LTC). Emerging as an evolution of Bitcoin, this cryptocurrency boasts several advantages over its predecessor.

    • Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Yet another Bitcoin fork, the increasing popularity of this currency can be attributed to one of the Bitcoin founders selling his own bitcoins and shifting focus to its development.

    • Ripple (XRP). Many banks opt to engage with systems featuring distributed ledgers rather than conventional cryptocurrencies, with Ripple being one notable example.

    • Stellar (XLM). At a certain point, this project branched off from Ripple and received backing from major funds. Presently, Stellar ranks among the top 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization.

    • Coin (USDC). Yet another well-known stablecoin pegged to the US dollar.